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Severe Storms Possible in the Lower Mississippi Valley; Heavy Mountain Snowfall for Parts of the West

Severe thunderstorms and flash flooding possible across parts of the southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley today. Developing major storm system to spread heavy snow from the Pacific Tuesday. Damaging winds to impact the Southwest and Intermountain West on southern High Plains. Severe thunderstorms likely across portions of the Midwest and Lower/Mid-Mississippi Valley on Tuesday.

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Satellite Images

Cities Populair locations in North America

Weather Maximum Minimum
Albuquerque 12.768°C 8.1°C
Austin 24.966°C 17.6°C
Boston 3.534°C 1.7°C
Charlotte 14.706°C 7.6°C
Chicago 5.927999°C 1.1°C
Columbus 5.13°C -0.2°C
Dallas 18.81°C 13°C
Denver 10.26°C 4.8°C
Detroit 2.964°C -0.4°C
El Paso 18.354°C 10.6°C
Fort Worth 20.064°C 14.2°C
Houston 26.904°C 19.2°C
Indianapolis 5.927999°C 0.6°C
Jacksonville 28.386°C 19.6°C
Las Vegas 13.224°C 9°C
Weather Maximum Minimum
Memphis 16.644°C 9.1°C
Milwaukee 3.534°C 0.3°C
Nashville 11.628°C 3.6°C
New York City 6.384°C 3.1°C
Oklahoma City 18.126°C 10.5°C
Philadelphia 5.7°C 2°C
Phoenix 20.406°C 16.9°C
Portland 4.674°C 3.3°C
San Antonio 24.168°C 18.6°C
San Diego 13.794°C 10.6°C
San Francisco 10.146°C 7.8°C
San Jose 9.69°C 7.6°C
Seattle 3.534°C 2.6°C
Tucson 14.934°C 9°C
Washington, D. C. 8.778°C 4.1°C