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Critical to Extreme Fire Weather Threats Continues in Southern California; Strong Cold Front in the Eastern half of U.S.

Extremely Critical fire weather conditions continue in California as well as Air Quality Alerts. There is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms over parts of the Central Gulf Coast and parts of the Southeast Coast. Heavy rain possible over parts of the Southeast/Eastern Gulf Coast into parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. Snow possible over parts of Northern New England and lake effect snow over the Great Lakes.

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View the latest satellite images, maps and animations for the US and Canada, along with meterological conditions and weather report.

Satellite Images

Cities Populair locations in North America

Weather Maximum Minimum
Albuquerque 2.28°C 0.5°C
Austin 11.058°C 6°C
Baltimore 9.12°C 5.5°C
Boston 10.716°C 6.7°C
Charlotte 6.84°C 5.2°C
Chicago 2.394°C 0.1°C
Columbus 5.244°C 3.2°C
Dallas 8.55°C 4.7°C
Denver -2.964°C -5.5°C
Detroit 6.27°C 4.3°C
El Paso 8.207999°C 4.5°C
Fort Worth 6.498°C 2.8°C
Houston 15.846°C 10°C
Indianapolis 6.27°C 3.6°C
Jacksonville 31.692°C 24.4°C
Las Vegas 15.732°C 10.9°C
Weather Maximum Minimum
Los Angeles 29.412°C 22.4°C
Memphis 8.094°C 4.5°C
Milwaukee -1.14°C -2.8°C
Nashville 9.006°C 7.6°C
New York City 10.944°C 8.5°C
Oklahoma City -1.14°C -2.4°C
Philadelphia 10.488°C 8.1°C
Phoenix 22.458°C 17.2°C
Portland 16.53°C 9.8°C
San Antonio 15.048°C 8.9°C
San Diego 25.194°C 20.5°C
San Francisco 22.344°C 14.8°C
San Jose 27.702°C 19.8°C
Seattle 14.022°C 7.8°C
Tucson 19.38°C 15.2°C
Washington, D. C. 10.146°C 6.7°C