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Strong Storm Impacting Southern Alaska

Unsettled weather continues for the Pacific Northwest into the northern Rockies. Rain across the eastern Gulf states expected to move off the southeast U.S. coast Thursday afternoon. Showers resume along the Gulf Coast on Friday and then expand toward the southeast U.S. Friday evening.

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Realtime rain radar of United States

View our realtime rain radar of United States. The radardata of United States is updated every 5-10 minutes. WeatherPlaza filters the data in a way that only real percipitation is shown and clutter is filtered.

Rain radar

Cities Populair locations in North America

Weather Maximum Minimum
Albuquerque 8.322001°C 5.4°C
Austin 15.96°C 12.2°C
Baltimore 5.7°C 4.4°C
Boston 2.85°C 1.2°C
Charlotte 11.628°C 9.6°C
Chicago 0.684°C -0.1°C
Columbus 3.42°C 2.3°C
Dallas 12.198°C 7.4°C
Denver 6.27°C 3.9°C
Detroit 0.57°C 0.1°C
El Paso 16.644°C 9.9°C
Fort Worth 11.514°C 7.3°C
Houston 17.328°C 12.8°C
Indianapolis 2.964°C 2.1°C
Jacksonville 20.52°C 13.9°C
Las Vegas 15.162°C 11°C
Weather Maximum Minimum
Los Angeles 25.536°C 18.5°C
Memphis 9.804°C 7°C
Milwaukee -1.71°C -1.9°C
Nashville 8.778°C 6.7°C
New York City 4.56°C 2.9°C
Oklahoma City 5.586°C 3.2°C
Philadelphia 5.244°C 3.9°C
Phoenix 19.38°C 15.7°C
Portland 10.602°C 8.1°C
San Antonio 19.038°C 14.5°C
San Diego 18.012°C 14.4°C
San Francisco 15.39°C 11.5°C
San Jose 17.784°C 12.2°C
Seattle 9.804°C 7.2°C
Tucson 18.468°C 14.3°C
Washington, D. C. 6.84°C 5.3°C