Extensive Severe Weather Potential and Tropical Storm Cristobal

There is an Enhanced Risk of severe thunderstorms over parts of the northern Mid-Atlantic. Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect for parts of the Southwest today and Thursday. Florida will begin to see locally heavy rain as tropical moisture increases over the state.

Forecast for Sunday, May 31, 2020

A front extending from the Lower Great Lakes to the Middle Mississippi Valley/Southern Plains will stall through Thursday as the eastern end of the front moves into the mid Atlantic. Moisture will pool along the boundary, producing showers and thunderstorms from parts of the Northeast to the Middle Mississippi Valley/Southern Plains this afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting an Enhanced Risk of severe thunderstorms over parts of the northern mid Atlantic. The greatest threat will be damaging thunderstorm winds. Other severe storms are possible farther west into parts of the Ohio Valley and central Plains states, with the main threats being damaging thunderstorm winds and large hail. Scattered severe thunderstorms are also possible in the Plains on Thursday.

In Florida a very humid air mass will give rise to slow moving thunderstorms producing heavy rainfall, especially along the west coast of the state where isolated flash flooding is possible today.

Out West, temperatures will range from 10 to 20 degrees above average over the Great Basin/Southwest. Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect for the Southwest, and Heat Advisories are in effect for parts of Central California. Highs in the deserts and valleys are forecast to approach 105 to 110 degrees.


Cities Populair locations in North America

Weather Maximum Minimum
Albuquerque 35.682°C 28.9°C
Austin 37.392°C 31.2°C
Baltimore 36.252°C 30.3°C
Boston 27.816°C 20.9°C
Charlotte 37.05°C 31.8°C
Chicago 35.682°C 28.8°C
Columbus 32.832°C 27°C
Dallas 39.216°C 32.9°C
Denver 35.682°C 29.5°C
Detroit 33.174°C 28.5°C
El Paso 41.04°C 32.3°C
Fort Worth 36.138°C 30.4°C
Houston 38.988°C 32.2°C
Indianapolis 34.542°C 29.3°C
Jacksonville 36.024°C 30.4°C
Las Vegas 41.04°C 33.1°C
Weather Maximum Minimum
Los Angeles 36.594°C 28.2°C
Memphis 37.05°C 31.4°C
Milwaukee 33.288°C 27.6°C
Nashville 33.744°C 28.7°C
New York City 32.718°C 26.3°C
Oklahoma City 37.734°C 31°C
Philadelphia 36.138°C 30.6°C
Phoenix 46.512°C 36.8°C
Portland 28.614°C 20°C
San Antonio 35.796°C 29.1°C
San Diego 23.598°C 19.9°C
San Francisco 26.79°C 21.2°C
San Jose 41.04°C 32.3°C
Seattle 24.852°C 18.3°C
Tucson 42.978°C 34.6°C
Washington, D. C. 40.014°C 34.2°C