Heavy Rainfall and Severe Weather Possible in the Midwest; Dangerous Heatwave Coming to the West

There is a Moderate Risk of excessive rainfall over parts of the through Saturday morning. There is an Enhanced Risk of severe thunderstorms over parts of the Central Plains/Middle Mississippi Valley through Friday morning. Fire weather concerns are forecast across the Northern Great Basin and Northern California; heat returns to the Pacific Northwest on Saturday.

Forecast for Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cities Populair locations in North America

Weather Maximum Minimum
Albuquerque 25.536°C 20.2°C
Austin 29.754°C 24.2°C
Boston 20.748°C 11.7°C
Charlotte 21.09°C 15.6°C
Chicago 23.826°C 17.1°C
Columbus 16.986°C 12.4°C
Dallas 31.92°C 25.4°C
Denver 28.5°C 22.1°C
Detroit 21.546°C 17.1°C
El Paso 31.806°C 23.5°C
Fort Worth 31.578°C 25.2°C
Houston 30.324°C 25.9°C
Indianapolis 18.354°C 14.1°C
Jacksonville 28.044°C 23.1°C
Las Vegas 25.764°C 19.1°C
Weather Maximum Minimum
Memphis 24.624°C 19.6°C
Milwaukee 22.344°C 16.4°C
Nashville 20.52°C 15.7°C
New York City 22.116°C 16.6°C
Oklahoma City 29.526°C 25.1°C
Philadelphia 18.924°C 13.2°C
Phoenix 36.708°C 29.2°C
Portland 19.494°C 11.6°C
San Antonio 29.868°C 23.9°C
San Diego 21.204°C 17.9°C
San Francisco 16.074°C 12.9°C
San Jose 14.82°C 11.2°C
Seattle 14.25°C 11.7°C
Tucson 26.79°C 21.6°C
Washington, D. C. 19.836°C 13.2°C